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    Our company is a Brazilian company, more specifically from Jaraguá do Sul - SC, which was created with the intent of producing and offering the best and most sophisticated nutrition for cats and dogs. Founded by professionals with over 15 years of experience in the commercial area and in the pet feed market, the company has a team which is prepared and committed to the well being of these living beings and with the satisfaction of their respective owners.
   Knowledge of the market, the distributors, the shopkeepers and consumers are key points for our company. Excellence in catering to our clients, recognizing that they need and preserving a great relationship are some of our main objectives.
Provide nutrition and quality of life to animals, and commit to the well-being of our employees.

Be a company of national operation and recognition, with profitability and liquidity.

Transparency:Be honest and sincere in our relations with our clients, employees and suppliers.

Environmental awareness and responsibility: Be aware of the need to promote and support actions to demonstrate the importance of sustainability, the valuing of the human being and the conservation of the environment.  

Product quality : The product should always have a good appearance, with standardization and integrity with respect both to the physical and nutritional aspects up to its expiration date. 

Ethics :  Ethics is the awareness of duty, of obligatoriness, which governs human conduct. It consists of respecting the culture and the people and working with honesty, in accordance with the company’s values.  

Responsibility to employees : Provide employees with adequate working conditions and motivation, in the interest of safety, personal satisfaction and professional development.

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