Best Foods
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As well as being nutritionally balanced, our products offer additional advantages for health development, for cats and dogs, as well as for fish and shrimp.
  • More than feeding pets, we work to keep your friend always healthy.
  • With respect to production animals, we seek health with profitability.
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The pet food segment has a careful confection of the food, with ingredients selected for their great palatability and nutritional equilibrium.
We seek quality raw materials which contemplate all of the needs of cats and dogs, through the elaboration of balanced formulas with sources of protein of vegetable and animal origin, always taking into account the age and size of the pet, with the intent of affording a long and healthy life.

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With the depth of experience and tradition of the first extruded fish feed factory in the state of Santa Catarina, Rações Catarinense places at the disposal of fish breeders its aquaculture line, which has as its main aim attaining the best zootechnical indexes, through an optimal conversion of the feed into fish flesh in the shortest time, as well as low pollution levels in the ponds.